Oily Skin

July 5, 2017 utamaspice 0

Understanding our skin type is the first step to proper care, and treatment. Our skin comes in a variety of differing types. The most common […]


June 30, 2017 utamaspice 0

Cellulite the dreaded opponent of bikini season. Cellulite is persistent subcutaneous (below the skin) fat that shows up as dimples on the skin. They are […]

Hair Loss

May 29, 2017 utamaspice 0

A full head of hair has long been associated with beauty and youth. Hair is the fastest growing natural tissue in the human body. Everyone […]

Dry Skin

May 22, 2017 utamaspice 0

Our outermost layer of skin called the strateum corneum holds water, which when depleted causes this layer shrinks causing scally, and flaky skin. Dry skin […]