Donate to Mt. Agung Relief Effort

Hey everyone, as you might have heard our mother mountain Agung is currently undergoing an eruption. More than 75,000 people have already evacuated the area, and are currently in shelters located across the island. There has already been a lot of donations, and support by the local communities around the Island. There is still a lot that can be done however.

We have decided to join in in donating 500 liters of soap, 5000 bottles of bug spray, and minyak kayu putih. We’d like to invited you to also donate to the cause with whatever means you can. Clean water is essential and Kopernik provide water filters that can prove extremely useful in the current situation. You can donate to their on their page. The Bumi Sehat foundation are also providing crucial help with food, and medical care, you can donate items or financial donations here. You can also donate to the IDEP foundation who specialize in disaster management. Whether it’s time, money, food or goods. Anything you can give will go along way to helping the people of Karangasem out.

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