Hair Loss

May 29, 2017 utamaspice 0

A full head of hair has long been associated with beauty and youth. Hair is the fastest growing natural tissue in the human body. Everyone […]

Dry Skin

May 22, 2017 utamaspice 0

Our outermost layer of skin called the strateum corneum holds water, which when depleted causes this layer shrinks causing scally, and flaky skin. Dry skin […]

What Is The Common Cold?

May 15, 2017 utamaspice 0

Barring a superhuman immune system, you’ve probably experienced a cold. From coughing and wheezing, to a fever, and headaches. They can also be accompanied by […]

Dengue Prevention

May 9, 2017 utamaspice 0

Although there has recently been a vaccine develop for dengue it is only partially effective, and thus other means of prevention are still necessary in […]


May 8, 2017 utamaspice 0

Though malaria gets all the press for it’s deadly virus, dengue is no laughing matter either. The virus is a huge problem in Indonesia, with […]

Insect Bites

May 2, 2017 utamaspice 0

  The tropics are lush with life, the heat and rainfall make it the perfect for the biggest biodiversity on the planet. More than half […]

Effects of Bacteria

April 25, 2017 utamaspice 0

After all the fear inducing stories of bacteria’s breeding last time it’s time to look at the effects of these bacteria’s on day to day […]