May 8, 2017 utamaspice 0

Though malaria gets all the press for it’s deadly virus, dengue is no laughing matter either. The virus is a huge problem in Indonesia, with […]

Insect Bites

May 2, 2017 utamaspice 0

  The tropics are lush with life, the heat and rainfall make it the perfect for the biggest biodiversity on the planet. More than half […]

Effects of Bacteria

April 25, 2017 utamaspice 0

After all the fear inducing stories of bacteria’s breeding last time it’s time to look at the effects of these bacteria’s on day to day […]

A Story of Flatulence

April 17, 2017 utamaspice 0

We’ve all had those moments where we’re sitting there minding our own business, only for our stomach to have other ideas. Farting is a natural […]

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DIY After Suncare

April 17, 2017 utamaspice 0

Despite your best efforts sometimes incurring sun damage is an inevitability. If such is a case is to occur, we have created a little DIY […]

The Dangers of Sun Damage

April 11, 2017 utamaspice 0

While outdoor activities nourish our adventuring souls, and our desire to be by nature, they are not without their dangers. Zombie bears excluded, the biggest […]