Preventing Insect Bites

Last time we examined the varying insect bites that could get you into trouble, and cause you to run around in circle like a crazed lunatic. Lunatic is an interesting word as it is derived from lunaticus meaning moonstruck. Incidentally evenings are the time when most insects come out to play, and by play I mean devour you.

Though you could avoid going out in the evening entirely, unless you want to live the rest of your life as a strange social outcast that refuses to leave their rooms at night, you’re going to have to find some other options. Covering your skin in clothing can prevent a lot of bites by giving you a smaller possible are of attack. The tropical heat can cause this to be a particularly uncomfortable experience. In that case your other option would be to douse yourself in insect repellent.

If you are planning to travel abroad there are some vaccines that can be taken to avoid some dangerous diseases such as yellow fever. There is also medication available to help protect you from malaria. The medication you require varies depending on the area, and type of malaria there. It is best to consult a doctor if you are going to a malaria prone area in order to get the right medication.

In tropical countries especially it’s best to store food properly. Refrigeration along with airtight storage is crucial if you want to keep from attracting the herd. Wasp, bees, flies and ants in particular will be attracted to foods, especially sweet foods. There are various home remedies that can also keep the pesky bugs at bay. Vinegar, lemon juice, peppermint oil, citronella or even coffee grounds can work a treat. Why not get yourself a spray bottle with a lemon vinegar mix, and spray away at problem areas. Some of the bigger insects can easily be avoided by keeping alert, and calm. Wasp, hornets, and bees can be avoided by keeping calm and avoiding aggravating them. If you ever happen to encounter them it’s best to avoid your natural instinct to panic and run instead opting to slowly move away in a stealthy ninja like manner. The most important lesson though is to avoid disturbing their nest, this may seem obvious, but as a 6 year old it somehow seemed a good idea… The wasps won, let’s leave it at that.

Bed bugs can easily be avoided by regular and proper cleaning of not just your bed, but the whole room. Strong scents from perfumes which might be good in attracting partners, can also attract the wrong kind of attention from insects. They probably think you’re some kind of delicious flower. Having an open air house can has many advantages, it can put you in closer contact with nature, which is great for your mental health. However this also means you will be in closer contact with various bugs, sleeping arrangements especially will benefit hugely from closed off rooms, along with air conditioning. If you still want to sleep with the full outdoor experience at the very least make sure you pack a mosquito net.

Though buying store bought repellents can be helpful, be aware that a lot of them contain harmful ingredients, this is especially true when you’re in a country with less regulation such as Indonesia. Why fret anyway when mint oil can do a pretty good job at repelling most insects. Even unlikely herbs like basil can help protect your homes from insects. Simply boil some basil over the course of a couple hours the mix the water with equal parts vodka, and voila! If this all seems like a lot of effort, then why not try and grab some natural solutions, such as Begone Bug from Utama Spice. Which is engineered with all the best natural ingredients to prevent bug bites, and requires minimal effort from you.


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