Why We Use Coconuts

December 27, 2017 utamaspice 9

Despite what it’s name implies coconuts are not in fact nuts. They are technically classified as one-seeded drupes. This versatile drupe is can be eaten […]

What Are Essential Oils?

September 26, 2017 utamaspice 2

Previously we discussed the differing types of fragrances, and their use in perfumery. Perfumes aren’t a concentration of pure aromatic compounds in fact the most […]


May 8, 2017 utamaspice 2

Though malaria gets all the press for it’s deadly virus, dengue is no laughing matter either. The virus is a huge problem in Indonesia, with […]

Effects of Bacteria

April 25, 2017 utamaspice 9

After all the fear inducing stories of bacteria’s breeding last time it’s time to look at the effects of these bacteria’s on day to day […]

The Dangers of Sun Damage

April 11, 2017 utamaspice 0

While outdoor activities nourish our adventuring souls, and our desire to be by nature, they are not without their dangers. Zombie bears excluded, the biggest […]