Why It’s Important to Have Balance

Balance is described by many to be key to living a happy, successful, and fulfilling life. But what exactly is the right balance for you? Forgoing leisure for years of tireless work only to realize you’ve wasted your time is a phenomenon that ended up being coined the “mid life crisis”. The opposite effect can be witness with a life lived doing nothing of significance, the similar dread of wasted time coming up a common theme.

Too much of a good thing can be bad for you, even water in too high a quantity can be bad for you. In fact, there have been 14 case of an athlete dying from over hydration (yes that’s a real thing). Drinking alcohol is generally seen as a negative, but moderate amounts can actually boost your immune system. Even exercises which is generally a net positive can have negative consequences and lead to chronic injury and pain. A good example of this is women’s gymnastics where by 22 most are at their last Olympics, this is due to the extremely taxing training, and it’s wear and tear on the body.

The importance of balance can be easily witnessed in the world of health. Where quick fixes, secret tricks, and foods are often marketed to the masses. Strict eating regimes are often only effective in the beginning of the diet, with most falling to the wayside after a time. This is often due to huge binging after a frustrating time of limiting your pleasures. Instead of picking the more balanced approach of making your diet a lifestyle and allowing yourself a treat every now and then. Sure in the short term you won’t lose as much weight as those on a strict regime, but in the long term you’ll come out ahead.

Technology and nature is a battle for balance that is defining this generation. As development skyrockets, especially on our little island it’s important we don’t lose our wealth of natural resources, and all the benefits they provide. Our forest provides our planet with oxygen producing lungs. Our plants provide us with resource for health, and beauty, which is why we make sure to only choose sustainable sources. We are committed to preserving our planet in a era of unprecedented change, and maintaining our balance with nature.

Stress is a perfect example of a mechanism that can provide both positive and negative affects. Stress can be positive by keeping you alert, and making you avoid danger. It can be the cause of you plowing through and finish your school or work projects. Too much stress with no relaxation, or relief in between. This can lead to a number of health problems, diabetes, heart problems, headaches, high blood pressure, anxiety, and depression can all result from excess stress. Treat yourself and distress with a nice massage, using aromatherapy products. The right kind of essential oils can invoke felling of comfort, or relaxation. Smells are powerfully linked to memory; a whiff of nutmeg might take you to Christmas with a warm cup of spiced chocolate.

What is the right balance for you might not be the right balance for other people. Knowing yourself is important, trial and error between work and pleasure is needed to figure out the right balance. Work, play, exercise, and make sure to have ‘you days’ and distress in whichever way suits you best, whether a hot scented bath, or a cool dip in a pool. Taking care of your happiness and health through the right balance will lead to a more productive life.

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