Why We Use Coconuts

Despite what it’s name implies coconuts are not in fact nuts. They are technically classified as one-seeded drupes. This versatile drupe is can be eaten raw, ingested, be used in cooking, or processed into oils used beauty products.

For coconuts to be used in our products we first extract the precious, and nutritious oil from this drupe. At Utama we use cold pressed virgin (first pressed) coconut oil. This ensures maximum nutrient quality. For a more in depth look at the advantages of cold pressed oil, head over to our previous blog. You can tell Virgin coconut oil by it’s stronger more distinct smell from heat extracted oil.

Coconut oil has quickly gained traction in the world of health and beauty, this in part due to it’s high fat content that prevents rancidification. Oils go rancid when they are exposed to light, oxygen, or high heat such as in cooking. This is why you should always store your oil in the cool, and dark. When oil goes rancid it releases an unpleasant smell, as well as losing its nutritional value. If you’re looking to cook up a storm, or baked delicious treats then why not try out our Virgin Coconut Oil. It’s high smoking point means it’s perfect for frying, allowing it to go to a higher temperature before going rancid, and being dangerous for your health.

Coconut oil is an effective moisturizer for those suffering with dry skin. The oil is packed with vitamins, minerals, as well as fatty acids that are superb for your skin. The oil is high in lauric acid, commonly found in breast milk. In vitro experiments have shown lauric acid could be potentially beneficial to acne treatment. Packed to the brim with vitamin E, It also acts as anti-bacterial. This anti-bacterial property may help acne due to this property, as acne is also caused by bacteria. It is important however not to over apply, or it will have the opposite effect and clog up your pores. Because of this we ensure all our lotions, and body butters to be packed full of this delectable oil. The anti-bacterial properties can also be utilized in cleaning teeth, and preventing tooth decay.

If you’re looking for smooth locks of hair, then treatment with coconut oil is a great bet. Your hair will love the deeply nourishing, and moisturizing oil. It is important to apply the oil to clean hair. Apply some after showering, and allow it to sit. You can leave it overnight, or just an hour or so then rinse out. A great trick to getting your hair to feel silky, smooth, and full. We also use our coconut oil in soaps, as it makes for a great lather, it adds a hardness to the soap, and helps moisturize. Along with it’s anti-bacterial quality, it makes for the perfect oil in soaps.

If you care about the environment, and the devastating impact that palm oil has had on our rainforest, then coconut oil makes for an ideal alternative. Coconut oil is good for you ingested, applied to skin or hair, in products, and it helps protect the environment.


  1. I like coconut oil so much especially from Utama Spice, because it is not only affordable but also beneficial😍.
    It is an effective makeup remover, excellent moisturizer, and definitely a magic oil that helps my hair grow longer, thicker, and faster.

  2. I am using coconut oil for everything.
    This was started a year ago, when i was reading an article about coconut oil then i give it a try for myself.
    I feel i love with the smells and the benefits of it.
    As i try to reduce all the food amount intake, i drink coconut oil also and it makes me full faster.
    I use it to cleanse my face at night.
    I use it for oil pulling.
    For skin’s moisturiser.
    And also to cook some of my meals, it definitely add flavour for the dishes.

  3. As the new year’s coming I commit myself not to use chemical based products. I hope this is the answer of my never ending acne probs 🙂

  4. This virgin coconut oil is moisture my skin so well. I use it before cleansing my face with cleanser because my skin is really dry and by using this vco for 1 year, it makes my dry skin getting better and better

  5. Nice post, been used vco for many many years, my mom used to apply it to my hair every morning before school to ease the hair growth and in my adult life my interest to essential oils is grown due to my digging over the benefit of VCO to my super sensi-skin

  6. I love vco because of the great moisturizing effect on dry skin, and it works well on acne treatment too! I’m using vco for cleansing oil and it does a very nice job on removing my heavy makeups and keeping my skin smooth & moist

  7. Coconut Oil has been my holy grail since years ago. My mom used to handmade it from pure coconut, but it took a long hour to make just 100 ml. So last year I tried Utama Spice’s VCO and it’s been one of the countless favorite products of Utama Spice.

    I have a sensitive and dry skin that won’t really be moist even if i put lotion everyday, not to mention that I am really lazy to apply lotion evryday. One day, I took initiative and trial to mix some drops of Utama Spice’s VCO with my usual body lotion and in only a day, it showed progress. My skin became more moist and the best part is, applying lotion + some drops of Utama Spice’s VCO has been a lovely routine every night, never a day passed by without doing this. My skin smelled sooo good with the natural smell of coconut oil.

    Not long after that, I started to use Utama Spice’s VCO alternately with Utama Spice’s jojoba oil for my dry scalp prior to shampooing with also Utama Spice’s shampoo. The result has been very very positive, I won’t stop recommending this VCO and all Utama Spice’s products to everyone I met on yoga class, on meditation session, on online forum (Female Daily) and to my colleagues.

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